Find the compassionate power of deep yoga

We will be exploring the many strategies of deep yoga, tools and techniques, methods and none method to land you deep in the freedom, potential and beauty of your true nature. 

Embodied Awareness - every day in the morning: - physical embodied practice rooted in yoga, somatics, dance, functional anatomy and wild movement. 

Breathwork - every day: - a range of approaches to breathwork and a full session of Conscious Connected Breathing on alternate days. 

MindMastery - understand and free your mind:- meditation, mind skills and mindfulness. Every day. 

Relational exploration - every other day, at least:- process work going deeper into who and how we are in relationship. Who are you? Who are we when we are we? Find out more of what is possible to us in the synergy of connection. 

Body 2 Body, Heart 2 Heart - listening to each other through the hands, breath and gaze. 

Vibration - working with the MahaYoga syllables of light and associated chants. Linking this vibrational practice with the breath and mind. 

Awakening - principle, process, philosophy and practice of Awakening. 

Ritual - community ritual to find the resonance of being that deeper community offers. 

All food is organic and vegan/vegetarian. Accommodation in Eco-delight. 

This is all included in the price. You just have to get yourself to Devon. 

Arrive Monday, January 24th @ 17.00 hrs 

Leave Sunday, January 30th @ 17.00hrs

Full price - £720

Early bird, before January 6th 2022 is £649

Bursaries? Contact Christopher immediately.