Somatics, senses, sensuality and the sensuous in the dance of sentience, the language and skills of touch and embodiment

Learn the language and skills of touch, contact, connection and the open compassionate heart and embodiment.              

Whether your personal journey has shame, guilt, closure, tactile ignorance or conversely, openness to bliss, delight and beauty, this weekend workshop will help enable a deeper language of touch amidst the clarity of the senses.

It will show how this resonates through the wisdom of your flesh (somatics), and being in clear choice (sentience).

Find this living sensual and unconditioned experience of life as both the play, the spell and the freedom of the sensuous all played out through the dance of sentience.  

This is an opportunity for exploration into our sense-fields and relationships. 

How might you lead a more joyful, sensuous, connected and fulfilled life?

We need touch, connection and intimacy. 

They are basic needs and can be thought about as essential to our wellbeing or as some call them ‘hungers’. 

For a wide range of reasons, getting these needs met can be confusing. For example;

If there were issues around touch, intimacy, and how we received the attention and love from our parents as infants, we can bring these issues and unmet needs into our current relationships. 

Do you want this?

We also might have shut down our sense-fields as protection from living in environments with excessive stimulation. In this situation, sensory stimulation may be received as an irritation, an intrusion, or with numbness rather than joy and pleasure. 

Being able to communicate clearly when we don’t want touch is as important as communicating when we do want it.                 Preferences in the tactile and sensuous exist for all sorts of reasons and may or may not change. Clarity arises from honouring where we are at, without judgement, with compassion and with presence.

Living a sensuous, and sensually rich life is not the same as living a sexually fulfilled life, though it is of course related. Living a sensuous life as sentience is meta.

We will look at the relationships between sense, sensation, sensuous, sensual and sexual and how they all are facets of sentience, consciousness.

You will have the opportunity to explore and unpick what these relationships are for you. 

This process unfolds in time,  there is no right way, no wrong way, and shame plays a massive role in keeping these parts of us hidden and confused. We will facilitate a space where shame has an opportunity to unfold, dissolve and arise as spaciousness and choice.

Simply having more clarity around these patterns can help open space to do something different and give us more choices, so we can develop the intimate connections we desire, have the courage to say what we want and don’t want, and ultimately live a more joyful life in relation to all of our physical, emotional and psycho-emotional existence as well our relationship to the world around us.

Increasing clarity in these domains resolves the tendency to spiritually bypass and enables a life of much greater consciousness.

The full price for accomodation, food and our three teachers is just £199. For those that cannot afford this we have bursaries. 

Contact Christopher for more info and to book your place.

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