Yoga Master, Certified Breathworker, and Founder of Evolutionary Breathwork

Deep practice, study and living the vision of non-dual yoga and tantra in its manifold facets (physical practice-asana, bodywork, breathwork and pranayama, meditation and mindfulness, vibration and mantra, devotion and bhakti for nearly 40 years. I was initiated into the Vedic Dasnami Sanyass, have worked for 15 years with Shamanic teachers, and was an apprentice in a Vajrayana lineage.

I have received initiation into core practices of deep mantra, meditation and teachings that have inspired and directed my life.

I’ve taught internationally for twenty years around Europe, Africa and Asia.

I’m also a trained biologist and multi qualified in contemporary psychotherapy, clinical hypnotherapy, NLP, conscious breathwork, fascial bodywork and functional anatomy.

My teachings are rippling with the relationships between us as biology, our bodies, minds, emotions, psychology and more. The practices derived from the worlds of yoga, shamanism, meditation and mindfulness through Holokinesis help us find peace of mind, clarity, optimal flow, peak performance and spiritual depth and realisation.

Liberating practices from the accretions of culture and religion we can access a secular base to practice rooted in biology, psychology and neuroscience and find our unique way of connecting to all that is through direct experience.

Do the amount of years of my practice matter?

No. And, yes if those years have been filled with deep study, practice, and living this vision. The benefits of this experience come directly to you, condensed, simplified and in an easily applicable form.

I’m excited about taking you through the systematic approaches on my Immersion Course, on our online Mind Mastery Courses and Breath of Freedom trainings.

I’m passionate about helping you to build brain training, understand and engage your heart, and find a life of passion, purpose and joy.

I’m excited about you living a powerful life where you are no longer the prisoner of your biological algorithms, no longer a slave to the conditioned beliefs, stories and limitations of your upbringing and conditioning.

I’m passionate about you living a life of awesome!

Let’s do it, and let’s have fun doing it.

Christopher’s work encompasses

Wellbeing Psychology

Human potential fascinates me, so I’ve studied (and continue to study) psychotherapy, hypnosis, NLP as well as Yogic psychology and Wellbeing Psychology.

How and what we believe, the way we make up meanings and the tales we tell to ourselves (what’s a self?) about ourselves and others and how this affects our life journey and wellbeing is surely fundamentally fascinating. I teach and share empowerment psychology to help people free themselves from the prisons of the mind that we are often taught to inhabit.

Wellbeing and healing

I’ve had to heal myself from a range of physical, psycho-emotional and psychological conditions. Mostly this has been through yoga, meditation, psychotherapy and help from my lovers and friends. All this has taught me a lot about what it is to be a vulnerable human being. It has also taught me about the processes of mind, body and energy that facilitate wellbeing.

I continue my study of peak wellbeing and share what I know.

Somatics – wisdom of the living body

Somatics means wisdom ‘of the living body’. I’ve explored yoga asana with many eminent teachers and styles. I’ve explored movement through Feldenkrais and Alexander Technique as well as martial arts and capoeira, contact dance and expressive dance which I always want more of. I’ve studied evolutionary biology and taught anatomy and physiology for twenty five years and bodywork through massage, Thai massage, Shiatsu and Fascial Release work.

I love to share what I understand. The miracle of the human body-mind continuum is astonishing.

Meditation and Mindfulness

I have practised many styles of meditation over three decades. I now teach a secular approach that works with the neuroscience of meditation. I teach from the base of evolutionary biology so that we can see how meditation and mindfulness serve us now, on this planet. Brains work differently in people who meditate regularly, we now have enough scientific evidence of this.

I teach mindfulness as a base practice and I teach beyond mindfulness, which is the essence of yoga and meditation and the freedom that these teachings offer.

I am deeply interested in helping the acceleration of meditative development for us all. A planet of mutually empowered kind, aware and caring individuals is a good place for us and fro our children’s children.

Evolutionary Sexuality (Tantra) 

How did we all get here. It consistently shocks me that on this planet sexuality is mostly taboo and mostly something to be ashamed of! People are ashamed of having a pelvis, of their beautiful body function and know little of how to honour integrated sexuality and love.

Sexual education is largely left to pornographers who know nothing of such integration. Integrated sexuality is where sexual energy, feelings, lust and desire are all integrated with our open body, clear energy systems, open loving heart and radiant mind that understand who and what we are.

Homo sapiens struggling with it’s core life-energy, ashamed of it’s anatomy and function, dis-integrated between mind, body and heart and unable to move gracefully from it’s centre of gravity in the pelvic bowl, is destructive.

Loving sexuality that is honouring of each other is an evolutionary edge, an edge that can free us from outdated belief structures and cultural shadows of conditioning, dissociation and disembodiment.

There is more on evolutionary sexuality in my book Engaged Yoga – yoga woven into daily life.

Conscious Co-evolution

In my recent book, Engaged Yoga – yoga woven into daily life, the cutting edge of human evolution is presented as conscious co-evolution.

Conscious co-evolution understands how life actually evolves and grows. It is also the means by which we can unite our minds, beliefs, hearts, energies and bodies  into a potent force to save this beautiful blue jewel of a planet from the psychopathic (recently post-feudal) leadership that is largely focused on relentless profit and consumption. Conscious co-evolution prioritises people, planet, our planetary co-inhabitants and our collective future over profit. What is your choice?

It’s time for change, time for a new human community to arise and for us all, as mutually empowered beings, to take individual and collective responsibility and make the necessary changes happen. It’s time for us to act together in line with conscious co-evolution.

Yoga in action is conscious co-evolution.


Ceremony and celebration, coming together in harmony and opening in collective appreciation, clarity and love is part of our conscious co-evolution. I facilitate this work.