Is it ridiculous to think that you have all the power to create any life you want?

You can radically change your life for the better using your brainwaves.

You can begin to transform any difficult or complex state of mind, emotional difficulty, body based difficulty or life complexity with this practice of Theta Transformation.

Of course it's easy and maybe even reasonable to be sceptical. 

There's so much noise out there in Internet land promising miracles. 

However, we are not doing that. 

What we are sharing with you is how to take the necessary steps to work with transformation.

Transformation takes:

  • Strategic practice
  • Regular repetition
  • A gently disciplined mind
  • A sense of humour
  • Sensible belief
  • Time
  • Support

If you are willing to take the time, commit and make it work you will get results. Simple.

Transformation of difficult mind states, stress, feeling states and body based illness is difficult in the modern world.

Why? There are five reasons why.

  • Un-acceptance

    Because the beginning of change is acceptance? Its being fully with what's happening. Theta Transformation starts at the beginning and takes you through the necessary steps to actualisation.

  • Impatience

    Because the process of transformation is organic not digital. We get so used to pushing buttons and getting a result that we forget the body and mind don't work like that. For sure we can kid ourselves, but real, deep lasting transformation takes time. This course shows the steps necessary to beginning the work of organic transformation.

  • Escape

    Because people love getting high, getting out of it. This can be appealing. But altered states are unhelpful unless they become traits. Traits are how we live our lives. We want durable traits not just altered states. This course is the beginning of creating durable traits.

  • Blame

    Because we live in a culture of blame. There's always someone else to blame for whats happening. Politicians blame. The media blames. Blame keeps us as victims of life circumstance. We have to step beyond blame into responsibility. This course is the beginning of this empowerment.

  • Education

    Because we are no longer taught how to enter the transformational Theta state. Most adults can only access it in the dream state. Busy modern life often makes sleep troubled for people so even there it maybe difficult to access in a good way. We need to learn to access the Theta state in waking life. This gives us access to creativity and transformational power. This course begins this process.

What this course offers you

We are giving you the basic steps to resolve all of these issues and begin to understand the inner technology of change. 

We are supporting you in becoming the agent of change for your own life. 

This invitation is to take responsibility for your life and create the powerful changes you want. Remember no one else can do it for you. We will show you the way, you have to do the work.

And please remember, there is no lasting freedom without discipline. 

Discipline is heart-centred strategy of practice. 

Here you will find the key steps and practices you will need to craft a life of veracity, power and freedom. 

Here you can access keys to a disciplined life. Keys that fit beautifully with The Resilience Project and Mind Mastery. 

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the Theta Transformation

    • Introduction to Theta Transformation

  • 2

    The 7 Steps of Transformation

  • 3

    Breathwork and Theta Meditation Practices

    • Conscious Breath Practice

    • Building the Observing Muscle Meditation

    • Box Breath Practice

    • Theta Meditation Practice

  • 4

    Thank you and next steps

    • Thank you

    • Next steps