Most of us want this world to be a better place.

We want more love, goodness, joy, peace. It's not unreasonable to want this is it? 

So where does all this begin? 

Well - with us of course. 

We work with the deep self-oriented drives of our biology to find compassion as a natural resource. 

We fake it till we make it with this practice that gradually rewires our brain and Heart, uniting them in this force of living Compassion. 

Compassion is part of our evolutionary edge, part of what we are becoming. 

Practice this Embodied compassion practice for free here. 

There's other free courses here, and there's also some you can pay for that will help you deepen in Embodied Meditation, Conscious Breathwork and MindMastery. 

In the meantime enjoy the Breath of Compassion course and thank you for joining us.

Make the world better

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