Once you learn how powerful the breath is for mental and physical wellbeing, it becomes a life changing tool.

This is the course we use as a key element of our Instructor Course.

It is a training in systematic methods of anatomically, physiologically and psycho-emotionally wise evolutionary and conscious breathwork.

From understanding breath anatomy, and its role in somaticising, holding and expressing psycho-emotional patterns, this course utilises practices that liberate body-mind into greater potential. 

From the ground of the body, for each individual, this course leads to the greatest potential expressions of life that you are uniquely capable of. 

With ninety videos that contain over eighty different breath based practices plus all the theory to support them, you will have a lifetime of content to practice. 

These videos will take you into more refined and also stronger practice. It will do this systematically from the base of yin to the power of yang. These systematic methods of anatomically, physiologically and psycho-emotionally wise conscious breathwork and the degree of both theory and practice you will receive are literally mind-blowing. 

You will learn how to…

Craft liberation from stress and trauma through neural down-regulation

Understand blood gases and their relationship to stress and wellbeing

Train your mind and your anatomy to effortlessly access stronger breath practice in a healthy way

Find deeper and more expansive ease, presence, possibility and joy in each moment

Explore and become proficient in a powerful personal practice from the global traditions, science and arts of conscious breathwork, intelligent breath-holding, breath-focused movement and embodied awareness

The relevant anatomy, physiology such as blood gases and how they work in the body, and also the psychological, emotional, and ‘spiritual’ (systemic and integral) lenses on practice.

Access profound states, different brainwave patterns and ‘spiritual’ states that are grounded in the systematic base of your practice. No bypassing here. This work is fully earthed in the body, whilst being expansive and vast in its application. 

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • Introduction

    • How to use this course

    • Before we begin...

  • 2

    The Foundations

    • The Foundations From Level 1 & 2

    • Foundation Nose Breathing

    • Test - Breathing Fundamentals

  • 3

    Principles of Practice

    • Principles of Practice

    • Test your learning - The Principles

  • 4

    Expect Miracles

    • Expect Miracles

    • Test your learning - Miracles

  • 5

    The Methods

    • Introduction to the Methods

    • Awareness of breath

    • STORP

    • Life Energy Directions

    • Alignment

    • Do In

    • Jala Neti

    • Diaphragm Massage

    • Stripes and Moves - Introduction

    • Stripes and Moves - Lateral Line

    • Stripes and Moves - Sphinx and Snake

    • Stripes and Moves - Down Faced Dog & Squats

    • Stripes and Moves - Functional Twists

    • Safety in Sitting and Opening The Hips

    • Belly Breath and Soft Hold Revisions

    • Coherent Breath

    • Excursion Rate of Diaphragm, Coherence and HRV

    • Circular Breathing

    • Sigh of Relief and Emotional Discharge

    • Vagal Nerve - Theory

    • Vagal Tone 1

    • Vagal Tone 2

    • Training the Nose

    • Super Coherent Breath

    • Triangle Breath and Breath Hold

    • From Selfing to Freedom

    • The Obstacles

    • Pelvic Floor Revisited with Three Wave Breath Plus

    • Left and Right Lung - Independent Breath Hold

    • Sun and Moon Breath Variations

    • Swara Yoga

    • Embryo Breath

    • Birth and Breath

    • Savouring

    • Chakra Breathing Variations

    • Inner Smile and Cellular Breathing

    • Senses and Sense Fields

    • Shabd Braham OM and Hreem

    • Lion's Breath

    • Creativity Breath - Going Theta

    • The Drop - Two Versions

    • Different Approaches to Breathwork

    • Revisiting Bandhas and Breath Holding

    • Shakti Chalana

    • Revisiting Seven Wave Breath

    • Revisiting Bhastrika

    • Respiratory Physiology - Antioxidants and Reactive Oxygen Species

    • Mitochondrial Coherence

    • Tongue Positions

    • Eye Gaze

    • Cranio Sacral Pumps

    • Alignment 2 - MahaYoga Hasta Mudras

    • Sankalpa, Nirvikalpa and Breath Holding

    • Mammalian Dive Reflex

    • Breath Holding Benefits

    • Nyasa

    • Rainbow Dissolution

    • Spinal Wave Magic

    • Two Phase Breath

    • Balance Breath

    • Positive Powerful Mind

    • Cooling Breath Part 1

    • Cooling Breath Part 2

    • Star Breath

    • Tandava

    • Systemic Breathing

    • Shamans Breath Eh Ah

    • Shabd Braham - Intro

    • Shabd Brahman - Panchadashi

    • Shabd Brahman - Gayatri

    • Yab Yum - Circular breath

    • Yab Yum - Ventral Eight

    • Yab Yum - The Cocoon

    • Sexual Breathing

    • Circular Breath - Playing with the Parameters

    • Chakra Power Breathing

    • Conscious Connected Breathing Intro

    • Conscious Connected Breathing and Release

    • Conscious Connected Breathing Short Form

    • Breathe into Sleep and Lucid Dreaming

    • The Power of Systematics

    • The Power of Discipline

    • The Power of Integration

    • The Power of Interdependence

    • Making Every Breath Conscious

    • The Role of Conscious Evolution

    • Breath Quotient

  • 6

    Next steps

    • Worldwide Embody Evolution Community

    • Your Daily Discipline

    • Concluding for now...

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