Build Resilience

Meet and manifest beyond the demands of life with calm, centered creativity

Build resilient joy

The teaching and tools you need to transform stress

Go beyond the experience of stress. Turn stress into your teacher, and find resilience and deep calm. Here you will find the teachings and practices you need to get you on track for optimal flow states, peak performance and a joyous life.

Three core components to the course

To master and transform your stress experience

  • Deep Awareness

    Bringing great awareness to your understanding of how stress is perceived and treated within your system.

  • The 4 keys

    The 4 keys to transforming how you respond to stress and begin to use it to shape your perspective and states through discipline.

  • The Right Practices

    Several practices for you to begin to rewrite your responses to stress and gain a deeper state of power and resilience within yourself.

You will learn

  • How your biology responds to stress

  • How your psychology responds to stress

  • How to resolve the illusion of separation

  • How to develop self-applied neuroplasticity

  • How to change your stress cascade

  • The 4 keys to transforming stress and finding resilience

  • The essential practices I use to transform myself

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to Your Resilience Project

    • Lesson 1: Introduction to Stress and Finding Resilience

  • 3

    The Psychology of Stress

    • Lesson 3: The Psychology of Stress

  • 4

    Separation and Stress

    • Lesson 4: The Illusion of Separation and Stress

  • 5

    Self-Applied Neuroplasticity

    • Lesson 5: Self-Applied Neuroplasticity

  • 6

    Changing the Stress Cascade

    • Lesson 6: Changing the Stress Cascade

  • 7

    The 4 Keys to Transform Stress in to Strength

    • Lesson 7: The First 3 Keys to Stress Transformation

    • Lesson 8: The 4th and Most Important Key to Stress Transformation

  • 8

    Your Resilience Practices

    • Lesson 9: The Conscious Breath Practice

    • Lesson 10: The Contemplative Meditation

    • Lesson 11: The Nagas Movement Practice

    • Lesson 12: The Deep Central Line Awareness Practice

    • Lesson 13: The Dropping into Space Meditation

  • 9

    Next steps

    • More resources for you

Build awareness. Take action.

Real change is made by committing to yourself everyday. The discipline of making choices and practicing is an act of love and power for yourself.