Conscious Breathwork Level 1 is a twenty-five lesson comprehensive introduction to the practice and theory of systematic Evolutionary Breathwork. 

Systematic means a step-by-step approach, taking you from where you are to where you can be in your greatest potential. 

Evolutionary means you will get to embody the practices and make your life a life of flow, power, presence and possibility. These are the key steps to living with sustained well-being at every level.

Once you learn how powerful the breath is for mental and physical wellbeing, it becomes a life changing tool.

Through breathwork...

  • You become healthier and stronger with deeper resilience.

  • Endorphins are released into the body creating greater wellbeing.

  • You learn how to self-soothe and live in better flow.

  • You find greater understanding and control over emotions and fears.

  • You become more in tune to your body, your gut, mind and heart.

  • Your heart rate lowers.

  • You gain more clarity and focus.

  • Feelings of anxiety, stress and low mood decrease.

  • You live life with greater bliss, balance and beauty.

Jemima Brash

"Chris’s teachings of the breath, mind and body have been fundamental to my wellbeing. These breath practices have enabled me to feel deeply in tune with my body. When my anxious thoughts of the future and wistful feelings of the past creep up - I can notice how they make me feel. I can let them come, and then I can let them go. At last, I can just let them go. What an incredible power that is.”

Kathleen Downie

"I love the way Chris teaches breathwork. I find the amount of anatomical detail, the emphasis on noticing what we are individually experiencing and the balance of developing an intimate relationship with the breath as it is, just right. We need teachers who have the courage to help us to broaden our capacity and build resilience at the right time for us, and Chris is able to do this. I have found greater understanding and unwinding of some deeply ingrained holding patterns, and have found through a steady dedicated breath practice, the ability to deal with life's challenges with ease and efficiency in much greater regularity. I used to struggle with anxiety a lot but it rarely takes hold in the same way it used to. It has also given me greater skill at managing the waves of emotion I experience."

Achieving all this with Christopher Gladwell

A world-class teacher with 40 years experience...  

Studying and teaching yoga in its manifold forms of physical practice (asana), conscious breathwork (pranayama), meditation, mindfulness, vibration and mantra, pragmatic philosophy and devotion (bhakti) for over 40 years.

Deeply dedicated to the optimal human experience, he brings his expertise and experience to his mission to inspire and guide you - to powerfully transform and find freedom in your life. 

How? Through the Embody Evolution Method. Conscious Breathwork, Embodied Awareness and Mind Mastery, as well as movement through Engaged Bodywise Yoga. All of these components weave together to enable you to live in greater equanimity, excellence, resilient joy, positive relationship, empowerment and wellbeing. It’s what we all want.

People come to breathwork when they desire change.

The world is continually changing, and we must learn how to adapt and evolve through these changes. We must learn how to ride the storms with more ease and acceptance. We must learn how to find calm in the chaos. We need this now more than ever.

What's included in the course?

Breathwork for Inner Strength has over 20 breath-based practices plus other lessons and teachings.

These lessons take you from the very beginning of breath practice, through to weaving the practices into your daily life in a wonderful way. 

This course covers:

  • What is conscious breathwork?

  • Why practice conscious breathing?

  • Mindfulness of breathing

  • Abdominal breath and soft breath hold

  • Mouth vs. nose breathing

  • Standing breath Kali

  • Breathing in the good

  • Four part coherent breathing

  • Internal and external respiration and the roles of CO2

  • Box breathing

  • Pelvic floor breath and shame

  • The 4x4 breath with three anatomical segments

  • The holokinetic Maha breath

  • Seven steps and seven waves breath

  • Ujjayi breath: The heroes breath

  • Food, intestines, stress and gratitude with breath

  • Kapala Bhati: the ANS balance

  • Emotion and the Maha Banda

  • Efficiency and combining the ANS and DCLA

  • Nadi Shodana

  • Breath based body scanning

  • The yawn practice

  • The inner smile practice

  • The compassion meditation

These breathing techniques will give you the space to think, feel and act from an empowered place.

This enables you to make better decisions that will positively impact not only you, but those around you, and the wider world.

This course will help you grow an empowering set of practices that will start to transform your life in a powerful way. 

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