The Breath Challenge is seven days of simple practices for you to use to build habits that change your life, for the better.

This 7-day challenge will show you how to build a simple breathwork routine for greater well-being.

In just 15 minutes a day, you'll...  

Explore at least seven different breath practices.

Build the foundations of a breath-based discipline. 

Learn how to notice feelings of stress and cultivate the tools to let it go.

Experience moments of joy as you find space and time to consciously breathe.

Notice the positive effects of the breath expanding into your relationships. 

Remember to have fun, be playful, creative and curious!

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What Christopher's students are saying...

  • Jeremy

    Christophers knowledge, presence and guidance through Conscious Breathwork has been life-changing. I have gained so much from exploring this inner technology. Both Christopher and the technique have supported me in working deeply and kindly to help support change and shape a life of meaning and purpose. Breathwork has created new levels of vitality and an increasing capacity to respond.

  • Hannah

    I have found breathwork so profound and life changing. Christopher's calm, caring, supportive, non judgmental approach is empowering and his knowledge and wisdom so helpful and informative. I now have a daily breath practice and this makes such a difference to how I feel. I can get extremely anxious and breathwork helps me stay calm. I would highly recommend working with Christopher.