Join the Embody Evolution Community and gain immediate access to world-class Mind, Movement and Breath training from Yoga Master and Certified Breathworker, Christopher Gladwell.

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Your subscription will give you access to exciting and transformative content every month, including:

Weekly sessions with Christopher

Worth over £100 (weekly)

Perhaps the most incredible value of this community is the wonderful support, guidance and teachings from Christopher. As well as a direct line via a private What’sApp group, there are also two weekly 90 minute classes for members, a 60 minute live Q&A, and then free access to two more of Christopher’s live, public classes. So that’s the potential for five sessions a week with dedicated support!

Exclusive online content

Worth over £150 (monthly)

You will have access to further resources and content with in-depth webinars on breath, meditation, embodiment and practices, to help you keep engaging and nourishing your mind, body and heart! There will also be an opportunity for live virtual hangouts as well as questions and answers with Christopher Gladwell and team.

The Brand New Breath Course

Worth £697

The most comprehensive breath course online! Level 1 contains 25 breath based practices plus other lessons and teachings. Working in a systematic way, you can start to build your practises and understanding of breathwork, ultimately integrating conscious breath and the naturally arising bliss that comes from it, into your life.

The Mind Mastery Course

Worth £495

Learn practical, embodied strategies to master and free your mind in 12 weeks. Explained through bio-psychology, these methods will help you to work with obstacles, engage your heart and create the life you want.

The Art of Resilience - Level 1

Worth £79

Go beyond the experience of stress. Turn stress into your teacher, and find resilience and deep calm. Here you will find the teachings and practices you need to get you on track for optimal flow states, peak performance and a joyous life.

The Art of Resilience - Level 2

Worth £79

This course is all about helping you to shift from stress, difficult beliefs and disempowerment, into a state of positivity, power, purpose, peace and presence. There are seven steps ‘the A to G of transformation’. Each of these steps includes practical practises and theoretical wisdom. You can use these steps to literally change your mind - and your life.

Access to upcoming courses

Worth up to £6,067

In the coming months, we have nine unprecedented courses launching, including Breath and Mind Mastery Levels 2 and 3, and the Art of Resilience, Levels 3 and 4. Plus new courses on MahaYoga - the supreme practice of sanity, dissolution and recreation as the force of life.

Access Christopher's full body of work

Worth £114

You will get digital access to Christopher’s complete history of work across all of his books. Covering important topics such as purpose, embodiment and accessing different states of consciousness. Released to you in an order that is carefully curated so that you receive a new e-book when you’re finished with the previous one!

Exclusive discounts

As a community member you will get exclusive discounts and priority on all events and workshops including rebirthing, mantra and meditation training, and on deeper immersion retreats.

This subscription offers you

Full access to monthly training and practices, giving you an unparalleled combination of physical, mental and emotional understanding. Supported by a community of individuals focused towards the same mission.

Be part of a powerful community

  • Private Community

    A private Facebook community to support and encourage each other. Led by Christopher, who will provide regular content, additional practices, and live sessions to the group.

  • Exclusive group chat

    A direct line to Christopher - you will get access to a private WhatsApp group for discussions, allowing you to ask questions and receive answers based on and around your practice.

  • Limited weekly 1-2-1s

    Each week there will be a number of bookable slots available to members, to have 30 minute 1-2-1s with Christopher, focused on discussing practice, well-being and wider topics of purpose and life where interested.

That’s over £10,000 worth of life-changing content for just £79 a month!

Work with Christopher Gladwell

A world-class teacher with 40 years experience...  

Studying and teaching yoga in its manifold forms of physical practice (asana), conscious breathwork (pranayama), meditation, mindfulness, vibration and mantra, pragmatic philosophy and devotion (bhakti) for over 40 years.

Deeply dedicated to the optimal human experience, he brings his expertise and experience to his mission to inspire and guide you - to powerfully transform and find freedom in your life. 

How? Through the Embody Evolution Method. Conscious Breathwork, Embodied Awareness and Mind Mastery, as well as movement through Engaged Bodywise Yoga. All of these components weave together to enable you to live in greater equanimity, excellence, resilient joy, positive relationship, empowerment and wellbeing. It’s what we all want.

What is The Embodied Evolution?

Embody Evolution was created from a mission for cultivating a life of joy, ease, peace and harmony. 

By becoming a practitioner of Embody Evolution, you will gain access to an abundance of powerful resources, as well as belonging to a community of like-minded people who all share the same mission. 

Embody Evolution is made up of three powerful components. 

  1. Mind Mastery
  2. Embodied Awareness
  3. Conscious Breathwork. 

When you are committed to engaging in these daily, strategic and intelligent disciplines of breath, mind, body, emotion, and relationship -  you can live your full potential, in a life where you’re able to offer your best in any given moment. 

Mind Mastery

Understanding, training and mastering the vagaries of mind is essential for a life of joy, ease, peace and harmonious relationship. Mind is not just thinking, it is sensory attention and awareness, emotions, sensations and the resultant behaviours arising out of these processes. Mind includes emotional intelligence. Mind Mastery includes training the heart. Mindfulness is just the beginning, from here we can cultivate mind training that leads to ways of being that we can call ‘being in flow’, presence, and resting in our centre as awareness. Mind Mastery leads naturally to sustainable peak performance, meditative depth, quality relationship and a life well lived.

Embodied Awareness

The body is the past tense of mind. It is everything you have felt, done and not done, eaten, thought and believed - it is your living biography. Mastery is not domination of the flesh, it is listening, understanding and feeling the complete unity of body-mind. Mastery is switching on the intelligence of the flesh, listening well and finding awareness in the body. This brings the body into the present moment rather than being a repository of old emotion and story. It crafts the body of the future, a body of consciousness. Embodied Mastery naturally invites emotional intelligence and meditative depth.

Conscious Breathwork

Breath is the magic key. It unlocks the gateways to mind, body, life energy, emotional clarity, meditative depth, quality relationship, environment and mind mastery. Learning the manifold strategies - subtle and gross - of conscious breathwork, gives access to all these domains. Conscious breathwork also gives access to the mind's creative power, pacification, transformational force and should it be needed, the ability to interrupt, truncate and terminate unskilful psycho-emotional patterns.

Your monthly subscription will offer you:

  • Exclusive online classes and content

  • The Brand New Breath course - Level 1

  • The Mind Mastery Course - Level 1

  • The Art of Resilience Course - Level 1

  • The Art of Resilience Course - Level 2

  • Access to Christopher's full body of work

  • Exclusive discounts on events and programmes

  • VIP access to upcoming courses

  • Access to a private community of practitioners

  • Exclusive opportunities for 1-2-1 check-ins with Christopher

When you join the community today

You will receive a free copy of Christopher's brand new e-book Micro Practices

This little jewel of a book is all about finding your way into presence and depth. 

What do presence and depth give you? 

  • Peace of mind
  • More Joy
  • Connection to each other and everything 
  • Less stress
  • Greater wellbeing

And that's just the beginning. 

These practices take you into knowing who you really are and they help shatter the illusions that imprison humanity in endless war and suffering. 

Those illusions are the separate self-sense and independence. 

The reality is Inter-dependence and seamless unicity. 

These practices and this approach to life are ways to make the world a better place for us, our children and our children's children. 

Get your copy of Micro Practices and help make the world better for us all. 

Now is the time.

Still unsure?

Begin with the free 7 day breath challenge to understand how powerful these practices can be in your life