Become a breathwork instructor with expert teacher, Christopher Gladwell.

This two-year accredited instructor training will guide you on a deep exploration of the breath as the greatest tool for optimal well-being.  

In this training you will learn every aspect of breathwork, from understanding breath anatomy and its role in emotional health, to learning about the science of breathwork

This course will help you to utilise an incredible set of practices that will enhance your personal practice, liberate body-mind and equip you with the knowledge and skills to teach breathwork

With a total of 220 videos that cover over 100 different breath-based practices, by investing in this training, you will have a lifetime of content to practice, teach and share.

Evolutionary Breathwork is founded by expert breathworker and yoga teacher, Christopher Gladwell, who has over 40 years experience in breathwork, pranayama, yoga, meditation, mind mastery, body wisdom and more. 

Download the course prospectus at the bottom of the page to learn more about Evolutionary Breathwork and this comprehensive training programme. Or enquire now for more details. 

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Evolutionary Breathwork

What is it?

Who is the Instructor Training for?

  1. Those who want to take a deep dive into every aspect of breathwork to understand how they can optimise mental and physical well-being for a powerful life. 

  2. Those who want to become proficient at breathwork and teach it, perhaps creating their own brand, offering online classes, working at a studio or teaching 1-2-1.

What you will get

Online and in-person training

This Instructor Program comprises both online and in-person training, with five pre-recorded courses that you can access for life, and three week’s of in-person teaching on retreat.

You will also be invited to attend regular Zoom group sessions with your teacher, Christopher Gladwell and his trainers, as well as being expected to host your own classes with clients (minimum of 10).

For more details about the training, please download the prospectus.

Online training

Breathwork Levels 1, 2 and 3 

Breathwork levels one and two guide you through 54 practices. These will form the foundation of your personal breathwork practice to embody, experience and then teach.

Breathwork level three goes into deeper practice as an Instructor - an in-depth exploration of what goes on in the body-mind when you breathe and practice different kinds of breathwork and breath-holding.

Functional Anatomy of Breathing 

This expert online course in experiential and theoretical breath anatomy and physiology, is what every breathworker needs to know to help their clients excel.

With more than 100 practices, you will understand and experience your respiratory anatomy and how it actually works.

Create your own optimal respiratory potential and build practices to engage and serve yourself and your clients.

Mind Mastery 

12 in-depth videos exploring the relationship between mind, body, breath and emotion.

This empowering programme is a real eye-opener, a mind-expansion tool that will give you the base from which to grow a powerful practice of meditative depth and resonance and even more skills you can share with your clients.  

In-person training 

The retreats

There are three weeks of retreat - one week at the end of year one. Two weeks at the end of year two. 

Taught exclusively by Christopher and his team of assistant teachers, these intensive retreats will give you the opportunity to dive deeper into practice, show and share your teaching skills and learn more about holding space, working with stress, trauma and emotions and enabling your clients development 

Zoom group sessions

You will also benefit from  online clarity calls with Christopher to address practice issues, focus on teaching elements of practice and find help with study. 

Discounted 1-2-1 sessions

You’ll be able to book in with Christopher for a 1-2-1 session at a discounted rate for the duration of the course.

Training format

Practical and theory - yours for a lifetime

Every lesson from the online courses offers pre-recorded videos and theory - PDF downloads will be available for you to refer to whenever you want, providing a lifetime’s worth of learning and rationale to help you to become a highly informed and experienced breathworker

Online quizzes

There are quizzes throughout the courses that will help you deepen your learning. 

Final Assessment

There will be a final assessment on the various elements of this breathwork training. 

Client work 

You will take your peers through breathwork sessions throughout the latter half of the training, after level 1 & 2. 

This will be done in pairs or small groups and will be done under supervision as an integral part of the training.

You will take a minimum of 10 clients through 10 sessions each during the life of the training. 

Your work with members of the public does not begin until you have completed level 1 and 2 and attended the first training retreat.

Bonus extra! 

Receive access to the special 600 page ‘Breath is the Magic Key’ - a breath teachers guide, written especially for you

This unique book, full or supplementary information, study and practice, is only available to those who enroll on this training.

Training duration

You can pay in instalments

Deposit payable upon enrolment: £500

The below instalment options are based on the special offer price of £6996, minus deposit.

Instalment option A: 6 monthly instalments of £1082.66

Instalment option B: 12 monthly instalments of £541.33

Instalment option C: 18 monthly instalments of £360.88

You can also pay in full and receive a 5% discount.

If you have any questions or wish to enquire further, please email the team

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Further details


You will be provided with a written statement outlining clearly the commitment involved in the training. 

This will include requirements in terms of attendance at sessions, practice between sessions, assessment, required study and reading, support provided by the trainers, costs and duration of the training. 

Printed materials 

You will receive a list of recommended reading.

Study materials such as this essential reading list are not included in the training fee.

However, study manuals are part of the online training and are included in the course fees.

Ethos of the Training

Training is based on the ethos of adult education based on group-work, a recognition that adults learn best by experience, flexible, learner centred, whilst theoretical concepts other then the necessary base in respiratory anatomy and physiology are drawn from experience as much as possible.

We have a full commitment to equality, empowerment, and respect for all who are involved.

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We are excited to lead you through this training to enable you to become a professional breath-worker of the highest calibre and an agent of change.


Accredited by the Global Professional Breathwork Alliance

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