Conscious Breathwork is the magic key to well-being. It has a multitude of benefits and gives direct access to the mind, emotional world, body and environment.

It can enhance any aspect of life and helps create healthier relationships with ourselves, with others and with the natural world.   

Evolutionary biology shows us that body is the root of the mind, that good physiology is the seat of wellbeing – whilst everything is inseparable and interdependent.

Using this knowledge we can utilise profound practices such as breathwork, embodied movement and mediation to create optimal states of flow, creativity, meaning, purpose, joy and beauty throughout our life.


1. If you're just beginning

  • 7 practices to bring breathwork into your daily routine
  • Only 20 minutes a day to begin to unlock the power of your breath
  • A new video practice released to you each day

£29 Special offer

2. Build breath as your core practice

  • 26 Lessons as an introduction to conscious breathwork
  • Covering theory, physiology, anatomy and psychology of breath
  • Working through developing discipline and clearing old traumas and bad habits

£129 / 5-weeks of training

3. Try the weekly live training

  • 2 weekly 90-minute live training sessions with Christopher
  • A monthly one-to-one to focus on your own development
  • Access to over 100 recorded sessions with more being added every week

£59 a month / 14 day free trial / Cancel anytime


Starting his career as a biologist with a passion for how we’ve evolved, Christopher has spent his life been bringing together and teaching breath, body and mind practices in an elegant and practical way.

Teaching people to channel how we evolve ourselves and our lives moving forward to powerfully transform and free themselves from limitation, with greater levels of consciousness and care.

Through Conscious Breath techniques, Engaged Bodywise Yoga and training our brains through Mind Mastery.


Evolutionary Breathwork takes us into greater awareness of who and what we really are, as well as our conscious and unconscious motivations, focusing on a systemic understanding of how our being works to direct our personal progression.

Christopher’s teaching is rooted in more than 40 years of Yogic and Breath practice and he is uniquely trained and accredited with the world’s leading breathwork organisations


Kamin, Italy, Writer & Journalist

"One of the gifts of the first lockdown in the spring of 2020 was being able to join Christopher Gladwell’s breathwork classes live online. With lockdown I was able to have Christopher in my Italian home via video and the power of the breathwork combined with his integrated wisdom about the body, mind and spirit, asanas and meditation helped me sail through the challenges of lockdown. I have uncovered layers of bliss and letting go, contentment, authenticity and resilience not to mention many tools for consciously dealing with stress and challenges - be they personal or global."

Callum, Bristol, Yoga Teacher

“I have been learning from Chris since 2016 and over that time been guided to find a deep, rich and expansive relationship with my breath. Chris has taught me an arsenal of different breath techniques, I work with different methods depending on the circumstance of why I am doing breathwork in that moment. Whether it be to relax, energise or connect with my spiritual beliefs. The detail, ease of teaching and passion Chris provides enables the student to become educated on their breath.”

Charlotte, Bristol, Junior Doctor

"The gift of breath work from Christopher Gladwell is one of the best presents anyone could wish for. Who knew that the answers to so many of lives quandaries could be solved with something so simple, yet so intrinsic to our nature. The breath is forever present throughout our life. It is an in- built emotional regulator; yet we have become so jaded by life that we have lost touch with our true essence. What it is to be human. To breathe. To be born, to die. Breath work reminds us of the true inter-connected nature of life and that emotions will come and go but the breath remains. Breath work is a medicine in its own right and is hugely beneficial to our wellbeing."

Dan, Bristol, Market Trader

"An amazing depth and breadth of the most essential information and practices for empowerment and Mind Mastery. Exquisitely languaged and perfectly paced. This course is communicated with a great warmth and potently embodied understanding of all that is offered."

Hannah, Devon, Managing director

"I have found the breathwork sessions I have had with Christopher so profound and life-changing. I found his calm, caring, supportive, non-judgmental way empowering and his knowledge and wisdom so helpful and informative. I now have a daily breath practice and I know this makes such a difference to how I feel. I can get extremely anxious and I have found the breathwork invaluable and helps me stay calm I would highly recommend working with Christopher."

Edgars Ese, London, Mental Health Worker

"Christopher's breathwork classes have been my refuge from the relentlessly busy and stressful working life that I live in. Working as a mental health worker with the NHS, I have often felt physically drained and on the verge of emotional burnout. I cannot imagine how I would survive without having a teacher who inspires me to have the necessary discipline for optimal self-care. Chris’s presence, wisdom and inspiring teaching style is contagious. It makes me aspire to cultivate these qualities within myself so that I feel more alive and awake in my own body. I feel that the benefits of Chris’s taught breathwork not only reverberate within my own heart but touches other people’s hearts who are hungry for love and inspiration."

Taru, Coach, Barcelona

"​Very powerful lessons! Have thoroughly enjoyed learning about my mind and the ways it operates through Christopher’s easy to understand ways of teaching. More than before, I’ve realised how powerful I am in creating a positive existence for myself, by implementing the practices in this course."


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