My courses are designed to help you use the power of your breath, body and mind.

To create optimal states of flow, and super coherence of body, emotion, mind and relationship.

Even if you've never tried or just started mind mastery, brain training or breathwork, or you tried before and struggled, or your more experienced, this course has something for you!

Through these courses, you'll learn practical, embodied strategies to begin to master and free your mind, engage your heart and live really well.

Using these techniques you can learn to surf the waves of life, through applying this unique tool kit of neuro-flow practices.

Evolutionary biology shows us that the body is the root of the mind, that good physiology is the seat of wellbeing, whilst everything is inseparable and interdependent.

Clear decision making and wholesome relationship are physiological events of the whole body-mind continuum. Using this knowledge of the nature of flow we can utilise methods that we put into practice to create optimal states of flow and find peak performance throughout our life.

If you're just beginning

We recommend you begin with the free 7 Day Breathing Challenge, a set of practices you commit to doing 3 times a day for 5 minutes.

If you want to go further

We recommend you join the Embody Evolution Community Membership to access the world class Mind, Breath and Body training